I'm going back to work soon with Euna still 2 weeks shy of her 10th month. I'm worried that I might not be able to breastfeed her until she's 2 years of age (and beyond if I don't get tired/still have milk) as planned. Yesterday, we went to see her pedia and I found out that Euna only gained 100 grams since her visit 6 weeks ago. This is by far the lowest weight gain for my daughter given the length in between the checkups. I understand that at a certain point, a baby's weight plateaus but I guess I was just too used to her gaining weight. She already tripled her birthweight on her 8th month and I know that there's most probably no reason to worry since as far as her checkup went, it looks like everything is ok. Still, I worry.

Who wouldn't with a face such as this?

As a result, I had the doctor prescribe vitamins for her and asked him to recommend a formula milk - just in case. Now Euna is on Ceelin in the morning and Growee at night. I haven't bought formula milk yet. I already have some frozen expressed milk in the ref but I'm worried that that might not suffice. For the past 9 months, Euna and I have both relied on breastfeeding on demand. Though I have an Avent breast pump, there had only been an occasional need for me to use it and I'm worried that now with me away at work, it won't be enough even with me taking the time out to pump at work. Any advise breastfeeding working mommies?

The great thing is that I'd most usually be at home by 4 pm which means I'd still have 2 feeding sessions before the last one when she goes to sleep. That's why I've also entered Manila Fashion Observer and Baby Mama's giveaway promo (see below). They are giving away a Spectra 9 Breast Pump and 10 boxes of breastmilk bags! I hope that I'd be able to continue breastfeeding my daughter as long as planned with the help of these. The mechanic is just to send a picture with 1-5 sentences for a caption. I guess I sent in two?

I've just about breastfed my daughter everywhere that I could think of. From public places such as airports, airplanes, taxis, buses, bus stations, restaurants, zoo, church to the private such a restroom in Greenbelt standing up, our own bathroom/toilet because Euna and I were alone the first few months of her life and I couldn't very well let her cry when all she needs from me is to feed her. But the craziest/weirdest for me among them wouldn't be where but how.

breastfeeding euna - bus station
One Sunday we were in Market! Market! when Euna started fussing, I made a beeline for the breastfeeding station on the 3rd floor only to find out that it's closed. I found an ultrasound clinic nearby and asked if the breastfeeding station was closed (I thought whoever was looking after it must be on a break or something). Turns out they only operate Mondays to Saturdays. The good thing is that the woman manning the clinic (I think they were closed already for the day), realizing our need, offered the clinic's backroom so that Euna and I could get some privacy.

breastfeeding euna at changi

That wasn't the only time. The same thing also happened at David's Salon in Waltermart Makati while my husband was having his hair cut. We were waiting for him at the waiting area when Euna started getting fussy. I went to my husband while the hairdresser was still cutting away his hair and told him that I needed to feed Euna soon. The hairdresser, listening in to our conversation, offered the salon's facial room so that my daughter and I could get some privacy.

With Euna at Terminal 3

What really strikes me among all these is the kindness of strangers. Normally, I'm used to indifference from people in big cities but when they see a child in need, these same strangers would go to lengths to satisfy/accommodate that need. Thank you for making life easier for us breastfeeding moms and breastfeeding children.


Or, I might just as well be suffering from separation anxiety. :/


Mi'Ann Reyes-Oblea said...

Hi Rye, thanks for mentioning my site in your blog!

You can compute how many feeds your daughter does during a working day (aside from solids) then allot 4-5 oz per session. Store only about 2-3 oz servings so it's easy to defrost and you don't heat more than you need. Have your yaya practice the feeding routine without you home - for longer and longer durations. You can best accumulate your milk stash if you pump first thing in the morning or when baby takes a long nap. Maybe use a cup? There are lots of youtube videos on it. Usually, bfed babies hate artificial nipples. Pls feel free to ask me any more questions. Good luck!

rye said...

Thanks for the advise Mi'Ann. :) Yes, I do already have the sensible lines from way back. I bought these para hindi naman masayang yung milk upon thawing (I also use this to store my daughter's prepared food). She's already using a training cup since she prefers this over the feeding bottles. My worry is for the long term. Hopefully, things will work out. And hopefully, I'll win your contest!:)
.-= rye´s last blog ..Worries =-.

Tina said...

Hi! :) Just wanted to say KUDOS to you for wanting to BF Euna for the recommended 2 years (and more!) by WHO, DOH and everyone else who promotes BF. I BF our eldest till he was 2 yrs 4 months then only gave up coz' I was pregnant and couldn't bear the nipple pain anymore. :) If I hadn' t though I was planning to BF right up till I gave birth and then practice tandem feeding.

Your worries are very normal. I'm also worried about how I can continue BF my currently 11-mo. old when we go home from mission because right now I BF on demand since our mission office is also our mission home. But Manila is a totally different situation! (Thus also my joining Babymama's contest! Entry # 8). Anyway, there are a few links that may help you with your concerns. La Leche League International's site is very useful. Also http://www.kellymom.com/ and http://www.fabnaima.blogspot.com/ :)

Be praying for you! Blessings! :)

rye said...

Hi Tina! Thanks for leaving resources for me to check. Idol kita cause you got as far as 2 years. That's only a target to me for now, not yet a reality. Hope I do as well as you. :) Take care!

Tinapie said...

Hi Rye! :) Wow, ngayon ko lang nabasa reply mo sa comment ko hahaha. Anyway, don't stress too much about it, you can do it! Whatever you put your mind to, especially when it comes to your kids, you can do it with God's grace! :) Feel free to email me or PM me on FB (my profile name is Tina Santiago Rodriguez) if you have any questions/thoughts to share. :) Also please add my blog to your blogroll if you have one: www.trulyrichmom.com :) Thanks a lot! Godbless you esp. your BF efforts!

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