Something's Gotta Give

I can't believe more than 2 weeks has passed since my last update. I was right to worry - the first 2 days at work, I was feverish with aching joints. Good thing a whole body massage, North Park's Nanking Beef noodle for dinner, and a good night's sleep was all it took to shoo the flu-like symptoms away.
nanking beef noodle from north park
I really should write a post on my favorite delivery joints in Metro Manila.

In this age and time, women are brought up to think that there's no reason not to be able to do everything all at once - which includes juggling both career and motherhood. And why can't we? We have technology on our side and living in the Philippines, there's no reason not to have help around (though we only have a stay-out maid for the moment who comes in 3x a week). While I can say that I can juggle both career and motherhood, I found out that ultimately, something's just gotta give. Inorder to have enough milk supply expressed the next day at work, I make it a point to sleep at least 8 hours a night (though not straight since Euna still doesn't sleep through) which means that I am usually dozing off by 8 p.m. This means less, if not wiped out altogether, time spent online. This also meant, among other things, my relationship with my husband taking a backseat the past 2 weeks. Thanks to the long weekend, I now have time to make up for it. I am hoping I have already made it up to my husband and there's definitely going to be more adjustments up ahead. Blogwise, hopefully I'll have enough posts lined up in advance for the week. That's how things will be until I've fully adjusted to juggling both a full-time job and the demands at home.

Oh, and a belated independence day to all!

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