Ferry Ride to Sydney

It was a sunny Saturday morning and definitely a great day to go out. Instead of taking the train to Sydney, we decided to take the ferry as it was convenient (ferry station is walkable from where we are staying) and well-recommended. Unfortunately, I was feeding and holding Euna the whole duration of the ride so it was my husband who was behind the camera lens. Below are the pictures he took and I must say he's getting better at it. Of course, post-processing credit still goes to me and Picasa. :D


One of the views along the way: lots of yachts and houses.

I wasn't able to see all of the sights but judging from what I could intermittently see from the glass window, I wasn't missing much.

sydney bridge
Except for when we were finally in the vicinity of the Sydney area wherein one is offered a different view of the Opera House and Bridge from when on land.
opera house


arrival at circular quay
Arrival at Circular Quay.

feeding euna
Don't up your expectations of the ferry too much. It's an old one. The fare was just under 7 AUD and lasted about 50 minutes.

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