Sweets at SeaSweet

We found the perfect excuse to binge on cakes at SeaSweet last week when Euna turned 11 months. Seasweet is literally right next door (well, ground floor) and I wonder how I mustered the will to resist them until last week.

See? How could I have resisted them for nearly a month!

happy 11th month!
Euna can't even keep her hands off of them!

We got the blackforest pictured above and I like how it isn't overly sweet. And can I just say I'm loving the strawberries here? I never understood how some people are crazy over strawberries until I've actually tried the strawberries here in Australia! I'm sorry but Baguio strawberries just can't compare (or maybe I haven't tried the good ones yet).
I didn't like the Acajou much as I thought there was more of the cream than sponge layer that I'd have preferred.

But 2 thumbs-up for the tiramisu. Again, not overly sweet. I couldn't remember though whether there was alcohol infused aside from coffee.

mousse chocolate
This one is a surprise as I normally don't like mousse but I found out that there was just enough mousse to go around together with the chocolate sponge and I really loved the combination of the layers and the texture it creates.

knefe cheese
Something new: Knefe Cheese.

I was given a bit to try and I must say that this is foreign to me. Cheese crusted with sugar (at least that was how it tasted like). I think they serve this with bun. I got my free taste without the bun.

marmi's cake
And not even ending there, we also bought a Bahamas cake for our colleague which I believe we all liked. It had about 5 layers to it with a sponge cake at the bottom, cream, sponge, cream, and then topped with chocolate. I think the cream layer was banana custard. And the bottom 2 layer is surrounded with another chocolate sponge. Might I just add that the molded chocolate flower icing is just pleasing to the eye. All in all, good stuff! My husband even wanted to (again) get a cake for our anniv at SeaSweet but I said enough!

For more of Seasweet, check out their website.


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