What I Loved with The Rocks Market


We were there one sunny Saturday morning for the market and it was just lovely! Good food, music (and good-looking people) abound!
These okonomiyakis are just fantastic. Topped with mayo, sweet and salty sauce, and squeezed lemon just to keep things fresh.

happily preparing okonomiyaki
The outcome was of no surprise considering the person who prepared it had a smile on her face.

street performer
And did I say the music was good? This performer rocks (not his genre but his voice most definitely)!

The place just has a casual/laid-back hippy vibe to it. It seemed to me that the people there had joie de vivre. They were happy and passionate about what they do. How I wish everyone were as fortunate. But it was infectious (at least for a day).

For more info on The Rocks, you can check out their website.

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