August is Breastfeeding Month!

And Euna's birth month as well! And I've just missed breastfeeding week! I couldn't believe I have been that busy (or I'm just not good at juggling things)!
Feeding Euna while touring the Opera house.

My precious little girl is turning a year old in 2 days and I'd have breastfed her for a year by then. I'd like to continue to do so but I think my supply has depleted due to my dry diet here in AU (I only had sinigang once)! Nevertheless, I've just purchased an electric pump so hopefully this will help me get my milk supply back up coupled by the fact that I'll be back in the Philippines this weekend (hurray!) which should put me back to my old diet.

In nearly a year of breastfeeding, here are the things I've learned:

  • It hurts in the beginning specially when the baby is incorrectly latched. Nipples could get scabs but I found out that the best way for it to heal is to let it be and just airdry them.

  • Engorgement hurts and could lead to fever and even infection (mastitis). I developed fever due to engorgement/plugged duct in the first week after giving birth. Fortunately, the fever only lasted a night and didn't develop to mastitis.

  • Plugged ducts means a lump and redness/bruises on your breast. And they were itchy.

  • In the first few weeks after birth, when demand for milk is still being established and there's an oversupply, milk could leak and behave like a water fountain. Therefore, breastpads are your bestfriend.

  • Positive thinking helps - a lot. I did have concerns about not having milk after birth but the fact that we didn't buy bottles for the baby reinforced positive thinking and pretty much did away thoughts of NOT being able to produce milk. I don't think I produced much milk in the beginning but what she really needed more than the milk, I think, is the sucking motion which comforted her.

  • While breastfeeding is convenient in evenings, it is not when mum is out and about in public. A nursing cover is your next best friend (next to breastpads).
    I'm so happy with my saya. It has been with me from my local travels to Singapore and AU. What's more - it doubles as a baby carrier. And more so? It wards off the cold winter wind!

  • Downside to all this is that mum and bub can't really be separated for a long time. Milk supply will be depleted. That's why I have Euna here with me in AU. And that's why we'll be celebrating her 1st birthday here instead of in the Philippines!

  • Still, breastmilk is best for my baby. She might not be the fattest or the heaviest but she rarely gets sick (I can only recall only 2x) and when she does, she easily bounces back. It might require a bit of sacrifice from mum but in the long run, the gains far outweigh the costs.

Is there a breastfeeding button out there? I'd like to add it to my website.

To all breastfeeding moms, I salute you!

Now I must prepare for my little girl's first birthday and pack!


Mi'Ann Reyes-Oblea said...

hi rye! are you back? let me know so i can send your icepacks. can i also post this article in babymama's facebook page? thanks!

rye said...

Hi Mi'Ann! Yes, we're back. Thank you for reminding me re ice packs. Will send you email on that.

Sure, feel free to post this article on babymama's facebook page. :)
.-= rye´s last blog ..We’re Back! =-.

Rye said...

Aside from pumping, you can take supplements to aid your milk production. Have not personally tried it but teachwithjoy (check her blog out) has some fantastic recommendations. I feel for you being away from your son. Hope you 2 are reunited soon.

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