Caffe Ti-Amo

We finally dropped by Caffe Ti-Amo at Greenbelt 5 earlier as my husband was hankering for some gelato and has been wanting to try what they had to offer since yesterday.

euna with papa at caffe ti-amo
He settled on the affogato which means drowned in italian as the gelato is drowned with espresso.

He chose tiramisu gelato over vanilla and it was served with cashew nuts together with a shot of espresso. I didn't try it at all as the espresso smell was too overpowering - and I'm not a fan of coffee.

For me, a medium cup of milk cheese with chocolate mint. You can choose 3 flavors with the medium cup. I tasted dark choco, vanilla, milk cheese, and choco mint and I chose the two because 1) the choco mint really tasted reminiscent of the andes mint chocolates (fave when I was a kid but we could barely afford them) and 2) I wanted something salty that will balance the sweetness of the choco mint (might have imagined the salt part as it didn't taste a bit salty at all). I wasn't able to finish this off and hubby had to come to the rescue.

NOTE: Do clarify how many parts of which gelato you prefer. I forgot to tell the attendant/barista(?) that I preferred chocolate mint to be 2/3 and milk cheese 1/3 so I got more parts milk cheese than what I'd have preferred.

I just had to take a pic of the ingenious way these magazines are displayed in the corner.

Their gelatos are more expensive than what I'd normally go for (read Amici, now Cara Mia gelato) but I do think you do get quality ingredients. And let's face it, this is Greenbelt so I can just imagine how much rent costs. I'd gladly go back for seconds for the choco mint (oh Andes!) when the mood strikes, a good pick-me-upper but will skip the milk cheese next time. And I'll get the regular instead of the medium.

Caffe Ti-Amo
Greenbelt 5
(very near the entrance to Greenbelt 1 where Tickles is)

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