Seeing Ayala Triangle In a New Light

I've been living in Makati for more than 5 years now and with the exception of the first time I laid eyes on this city (wherein I was in awe, jaw-dropping awe), I pretty much took my environment for granted as the years wore on.

I remember back in 2009 when Ondoy flooded the Ayala area and how afterwards, I saw some trees uprooted (or was that Milenyo?). I thought that was it for Ayala triangle. But I guess I was wrong. This was the sight that greeted me earlier after our advance Valentine's dinner:
A far cry from the dark garden of the past.

Now dotted with restaurants.

You've got to give it to the Ayala's for turning a profit on a piece of real estate without sacrificing aesthetic. And yes, we need to have a good-looking, well-lighted piece of greenery in the midst of the city.

The extra lighting could be attributed to the fact that there was a shoot earlier.

Thanks to the changes, I saw the beauty of the Ayala Stock Exchange building on a moonlit night.

And made me wonder what was the reason behind this arch?

It took me 5 years to sit there for the first time during night-time. I don't think I'm the one to blame for this though as the area, without the lights, establishments, and embellishments was uninviting before the changes.

During this season of hearts, there's a serenade on-going at the Ayala triangle and additional dining areas are put up across the establishments great for dining al fresco.

A great place to bring your love ones this day of hearts.


Happy Valentine's!

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