Our New Favorite

Guess who can't get enough of this?
tokyo cafe fried chicken
Crunchy yet still juicy on the inside.

My husband that is! His new favorite when not hankering for Jollibee fried chicken. And yes, our new favorite as we ate here for 2 consecutive Fridays!

I had this assumption that Tokyo Cafe would be at the same price range as UCC Cafe (which I think is overpriced) explaining why I've avoided this place until last Friday. Turns out I was wrong. I actually think that the dishes are reasonably priced considering taste.

garlic and shrimp pasta
We liked this shrimp and garlic pasta. More expensive than the Margherita pizza I ordered the previous week (no photos as I was too hungry to be bothered Update: Check out the margherita pizza here) but still, I, find this reasonable. Though the next time, I think I'm going to stick to the pizza (just because I'm left with more real estate).

I don't know how to determine the quality of the ingredients used but I think all of the dishes we ordered tasted fresh, specially the shrimp used in the pasta which had a crunch upon initial bite. It smelled good - the Margherita pizza I ordered smelled of basil and tomatoes. More so the garlicky smell of the pasta which was swimming in olive oil sauce.

Unfortunately, the desserts were misses and leave much to be desired.
Nothing spectacular with this parfait.
mango and peach crepe
And the crepe for this is just hard and stringy. I think the crepe used was frozen as opposed to being freshly made. No complaints with regards to the whipped cream and fruits used though. And for PhP 95.00 - you'd be hard-pressed to find a crepe at that price range in Manila looking this good!

I also happen to sometimes buy my lunch here for PhP 99.00 which is essentially a bento box with rice, viand, itsy-bitsy portion of potato salad, and 2 itsy-bitsy breaded fish fillets. I think it's already a good deal considering. I'm going to take a photo of it one of these days. I usually pair it with a drink wherein for PhP 65.00, I also get a coffee jelly for free. What can I say, I like coffee jelly specially when it's free!

Check out Tokyo Cafe at the Piazza in McKinley Hill and let me know what you think!

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