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bbq ribs close up
Can anyone guess what this is?

BBQ Ribs pizza from Pizza hut!

It has been months since I've had this. For some reason, Pizza Hut doesn't deliver this anymore. That's what I was told the last time I tried to order this a couple of months ago.

But it is still included in Pizza Hut's menu if you check their website.
pizza hut online menu

The combindation of boneless barbecued ribs with just a hint of sweet barbecue sauce to it, diced red and green bell pepper, and cheese topped with coriander just works together.

bbq ribs - taken 2008

I don't understand why they bother coming up with new pizza flavors and marketing these when this one just tops the rest. I think this particular pizza just lacks that - marketing! I asked my teammates (a good more than 30 group or so of people) before if they've heard or come across this and they weren't even aware that pizza hut offered BBQ ribs pizza. So we ordered one one time and everyone liked it!

less meat?
Is it just me or is the picture above significantly less meatier than the one before?

The first whole BBQ pizza taken above was taken 2008 and the one right above is taken a year later. I notice a significant decrease in toppings, specifically the BBQ ribs. To the powers-that-be of Pizza Hut, kindly include this again in your delivery menu. And please, more toppings. I don't mind paying a bit more.

For more of pizza hut philippines, you can check out their website.

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