Le Spa Massage Experience

One of the reasons why I like having my in-laws visit us is that we get to have some us time, H and I. So over the weekend, we decided to make use of our CashCashPinoy coupon for a massage at Sofitel bought last year which was about to expire! So just great timing!

le spa slippers
Excited much?

waiting area
There's a discreet but comfy waiting area.

mango tea
Where we were served hot mango tea. Love this as this was infused with honey, not the bland variety. Does anyone know what tea they serve?

We took a flight of stairs where we were eventually led to our couples room.
couples room
Next time, I should ask for a rub to make use of that huge tub at the other end!

cashmere robe
And the cashmere robes are just divine! So soft against my skin. They have packages wherein you could bring this robe with you (but way too expensive for me!).

l'occitane toiletries & evian

L'occitane toiletries and amenities. I wanted to bring these home with me! Haha!


The whole experience was just luxury. Right from the beginning wherein we were greeted by the receptionist and ushered to wait at the waiting area. And then served with the hot tea where an attendant took our footwear in exchange for the le spa slippers. The huge couples room with dimmed lights, spa music, huge tub, its own shower area, cashmere robe, and l'occitane toiletries. I didn't want to go home.

The only dampener to the whole experience was how we were hurried after the massage. Thick almond oil was used and H and I took a bath after to get rid of the oiliness (we still had dinner out after). The masseuse, maybe thinking we were doing something else, knocked on the door while we were getting dressed. Not happy with that.

The coupon I bought was via CashCashPinoy. You can check out the details of that promo here. If you'd like to get wind of Cshcashpinoy's deals, appreciate if you'd sign up using my referral link. :)

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