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We stayed overnight at Sofitel December of last year for our 4th year anniversary courtesy of the Accor Advantage membership I purchased. It was more of a family staycation than a romantic getaway since we had Euna with us.

Sparkling wine courtesy of H.

This is one of the old rooms as we didn't bother to upgrade to renovated rooms. But I didn't mind as the thickness of the mattress pictured above ensured a good night's sleep.
old tv and working desk
You'll also know it's an old room because of the TV.

view from the room
But we had a wonderful view of the pool. And if it weren't a cloudy day when we checked in, wonderful view of the Manila Bay's famous sunset.

Bar with tea-making facility.

shower area

The restroom was ok. Clean and well-maintained. Nothing spectacular.


sofitel toiletries
Another indicator of an old room: toiletries. I read somewhere that Sofitel actually provides L'Occitane toiletries to guests which makes sense given the toiletries provided in Le Spa, Sofitel's in-house spa.

sofitel csr - plant a tree for every 4 reused towels
I love this though. How there's a tangible result/reward for reusing towels instead of the usual green blah blah blah found in other hotels which to me just equates to savings on their end but doesn't necessarily translates to them channeling funds to improve the environment.

euna by the lobby christmas tree
Since it was December and the holidays near, the lobby was decked in christmas lights and decorations.

euna by the pool christmas tree
Euna enjoyed walking/running around the pool area and pointing at the huge christmas tree.

She actually wanted to take a dip in the pool but since she had a fever that time we didn't allow her to. Poor girl, you could actually see her longing to play in the pool in the above pic.

euna at the playground
So we took her to the playground and let her play for an hour or so so that she won't feel too bad.

Our experience with the hotel's staff was nothing short of impeccable. They were courteous and attentive to our needs. Indeed, out of the hotels that I've stayed at in the country (not that there have been many), Sofitel ranks top (that just means I need to try the other luxury hotels! haha!). From beginning to end, the whole experience was just luxurious. Sofitel has a way of making its guests feel like a millionaire. It's the combination of the ambiance, staff, and service.

Btw, if you're wondering why I haven't written about the breakfast buffet, that's because the buffet breakfast at Spiral warrants a separate post.

Just a word to those who would like to get an Accor Advantage membership, book your room in advance! Availability of rooms for Saturdays are immediately filled!

Sofitel | Website
CCP Complex, Roxas Blvd
Pasay City, Manila, Luzon
1300, Philippines

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