Multifunction Furnitures

I am so consumed with the looming turnover date of our teeny-tiny abode that it is all I could think of. Even in my dreams it hounds me, thinking of ways/ideas on how we could maximize space, the use of the area, what I'd need to let go of and what are the essentials that we just can't do without. I've even spent the past weekends scouring for multifunction furnitures and those that would add rather than take away precious real estate. I thought I'd share my finds here considering how daunting a task finding just the right furniture is in such a small space. If you're in the same boat as I am, I totally empathize with you.

minimalist sofa bed
Minimalist sofa bed from ID along Pasong Tamo Extension, Makati.

More multifunction furnitures after the jump.

ID along Pasong Tamo Extension is huge. It is just behind Black et White near the Alphaland SouthGate mall which is directly linked to Magallanes MRT station. For photos of the place, check this out.

minimalist sofa bed
The same sofa bed pictured above albeit now in its bed form.

sofa bed with storage
Another sofabed at Id. This one has room for storage underneath.

folding coffee table from id
A folding coffee table. Perfect when paired with sofabeds as these can just be stowed away (without taking much space).

local version of murphy bed
The good news: murphy bed courtesy of local manufacturers. I was informed these were on consignment and you could definitely order any size you want.

pull out sofa bed
Pull-out sofa bed very much similar to what we had in our apartment while in AU.

Another furniture ship we checked out was Woman at Glorietta, Makati.

sofa bed with stools from woman
Another sofabed but this one came with those 2 stools which could ask as coffee table already, ottoman, or foot rest.

clear chairs from woman
They also had these clear accent chairs.

Another furniture shop at Glorietta would be Decor.
folding clear chair from decor
Really love how this is clear and foldable at the same time. Talk about economy of space!

That's it for my finds. I am still in the process of finding myself a contractor and interior decorator. Recommendations are most welcome! :)

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