PhP 199++ Buffet at GoodEarth

399 buffet promo
"Wait!", you say. "That's not PhP 199.00! That's PhP 399.00!"

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Thanks to Beeconomic's promo, I was able to buy vouchers for only PhP 199 instead of PhP 399, service charge and drinks still excluded. So I had to pay a little bit for service charge and drinks but you could always just have water instead. When H and I are in kuripot mode, we stick to water as well. :D

what's on my plate

The buffet spread isn't expansive. There's one choice of soup (seaweed that particular day), fried dumpling for appetizer, fried noodle side dish, 2 choices of main dishes which was chicken with black bean and sweet and sour fish fillet (I thought it was Dory), fried rice, and mango sago for dessert.

Favorites among the lot would be the fried dumplings (similar to the one I was raving about here at Henry's Place also by Goodearth), the fried noodles, and the chicken.

buffet spread
Yes, that's everything.

While the buffet doesn't look like much, I'd have to consider how much I'm paying for and where the restaurant is. Where can you eat a full meal for only about 200 bucks within the Greenbelt area? We ate once before at Goodearth and ordered their ala carte dishes and though really good chinese food, we thought it was expensive. So this one, for me, is priced just about right. Reservation was a pain in the neck though as more than 3,000(!!!) coupons were sold for this particular promo.

Goodearth is on the 2nd floor of Greenbelt 3, Makati.

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