KitchenKnight To The Rescue!

Earlier, H and I saw our teeny-tiny unit for the first time. It was acceptance day and we were excited. We immediately looked for "defects" in the unit that should be addressed and I was set on measuring all the dimensions of the place. And then I spent the rest of the day again thinking of ways to maximize space even though we had already placed a down for the interior decorator's fee. Which was why come evening I really couldn't be bothered to think what to cook for dinner. Thankfully, groupon queen that I am, I just bought these coupons from Beeconomic for "healthy" home delivered meals from KitchenKnight.

Really good Chapchae from KitchenKnight.

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Not soggy, cooked just right noodles mixed with carrots, bit of beef, bell pepper, mushroom and topped with sesame seeds. For the price of PhP 85.00, can't be beat!

seafood red curry
Seafood red curry for H. Good but spicy. So if you're not a fan of hot dishes, this isn't something up your alley.

chicken teriyaki
Chicken yakitori for my sister. Notice the use of greens and how it adds color to the dish?

korean beef stew

I like how there seems to be a bit of presentation even on these delivered meals. For something that has weathered a bit of travel and considering the price, these were definitely a treat both to the eye and the palate. We had to wait maybe 30 mins (I think even less) for the food delivered and when it arrived, it was still warm. :)

KitchenKnight's claim is that they provide a healthy and affordable alternative to typical night-time fast food delivery. Which makes sense considering that they are competing with preservative laden, calorific goodness of McDonald's cheese burger and pizzas from Pizza Hut. I mention these 2 establishments since McDo operates 24 hours whereas Pizza Hut delivers until 1 am. KitchenKnight delivers Monday through Fridays from 6pm till 3am only.

kitchen knight container

The only thing that bugged me is the container - styro. I understand it might be due to costthat KitchenKnight decided to go down this route but I could only imagine the mountain of styro generated just within a couple of months operation! Another option would be to reuse containers? Maybe return the previous container on your next delivery? I don't know how that would work though (safety and hygiene wise) but there ought to be a viable option out there, right?

The coupon was bought from Beeconomic for only PhP 150 for PhP 300 worth of food from KitchenKnight. For the 4 dishes ordered above, I only had to use 1 coupon plus PhP 45.00 in excess. Such a great deal! Interested? Kindly use my referral link to sign up. :) I'm such a groupon addict. Haha! Anyway, KitchenKnight definitely rescued us from hunger earlier. :)

519 5555 or 519 3333
Operates Mondays thru Fri from 6pm - 3am
Delivers within Makati and Taguig

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