Hayahay at Isla Hayahay

So we're back to the stressful day-to-day existence in Manila. I could only pine for the 4 snail-paced days we've spent at Isla Hayahay. Our first vacation of its kind where I didn't make any effort at all to research and come up with an itinerary. While we availed of their 4 days/3 nights itinerary which included everything from countryside tour to island hopping, we just handpicked the activities to make time for us to rest in between. It helped that H and I had been to Bohol before so we didn't feel the need to see and do everything.

It felt like we were in the middle of nowhere.

This resort isn't for you if you want to be near Panglao or the city.

Isla Hayahay is in the town of Calape, Bohol, a good 1 hour drive away from the airport. We had to go through a narrow man-made road bordered with mangroves, seawater lapping on the sides to get to the resort. There were some occasions wherein the waterlevel was higher than the road, we were informed by the driver . I could only thank mother nature that nothing of that sort happened while we were there.


The resort only had about 8 cottages. We liked the rustic and intimate feel. It didn't feel commercial at all.


We had our meals here. The staff at Isla Hayahay would set the table for us. No need to order anything (was already included in the package), just inform them that we were ready to have our meals. We'd anticipate each time as we didn't know what was going to be put on the table. Dinners were best as we had a 3 course meal each time: soup, mains, and dessert. More on that on a separate post.

hammock with h and euna
We spent a considerable amount of time just lounging in the hammocks.

The rooms were no fuss, clean, and functional.

Huge restroom with heated showers.

h's bday cake
They even considerately prepared a cake for H on my request.

H doesn't normally say anything about returning to a place but this time he did. He enjoyed the opportunity to fish (a must activity for him. The reason why I picked Isla Hayahay to begin with and which was also included already in the package). We certainly were made to feel at home and we appreciated the rustic and intimate vibe to the place. Makes me think that we are indeed growing old wherein our idea of a vacation is no longer an activity-packed itinerary. The staff were courteous and the place was well maintained and kept clean at all times. We couldn't have hoped for a better vacation.

You can check out Isla Hayahay at www.islahayahay.com.

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Note: Just checked the link and it's no longer working. I think their domain hosting service needs to be renewed.

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