Have You Tried These Yet?

It has been another stressful week for me. I lost my phone and wallet at S&R carpark because my dear H forgot that I had it on the pushcart together with Euna's slippers (lost her pair of Dora slippers as well). We tried to recover the items for about 3 hours from the incident and when I couldn't get ring my phone anymore, I know it was time to do some damage control. But let me not dwell on what I lost. There's always a bright side to everything, depending on how you see things. And I actually found something that excited me:

signature hot choco ice cream
I found these at S&R! Calling out The Average Jane!

Not that I actually bought it. H already chose Ben&Jerry's and we got the Starbucks frap ice cream that was on sale. I'm saving it for another day. So have you tried it? What's the verdict?

Btw, because I'm choosing not to dwell on the negative, just the other day, Euna started to "sing" in front of the mirror "playing" a ukelele in hand courtesy of her grandparents.  It put a smile on all our faces. That's for another post. :)


iSSa said...

wahhhhh! lamia oy!! isuroy mi sa food section sa S&R rye ha! this will be heaven for us gluttons!! hihihi :)

rye said...

sure mels. dool ra man pud. pagkaon na lang jud atong kalipay ani. :)

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