Plana Forma

So I finally found myself at Plana Forma in between moving. I thought of it as the one thing that I was going to do for myself (after all the stress I've put myself through - and still putting myself through).
plana forma
Last week, I called and joined the beginners class thus the socks.

Just a bit of a background, I used to play soccer (intermittently) back in college. When I began my career, I remember playing a bit of badminton and even attended one session of boxing class but that's about it. And then I was pregnant with Euna and haven't done any sort of strenuous exercise since. So that's about 3 years of indolent existence. Of course, with the pregnancy, even though I was very blessed to have kept my weight as is, my body, particularly my midsection just isn't the same. And I'm not getting any younger so getting into a physical regimen is a must (given that putting myself on a diet isn't on my mind yet).

The first plana forma session I attended was actually the beginners class. I arrived just 5 minutes before the class so there was barely enough time to fill-up the form, sign the waiver (for beginners) and put on the plana forma socks, much more  get to know the instructor and be briefed of what lay ahead. I hurriedly joined the group.

The beginners class is fast-paced (at least for me). The instructor was very enthusiastic and encouraging. She had an assistant with her who goes around and on occasions corrected my form. Most of the time, I looked at the person beside me to copy what she's doing. The routines with the ball between the thighs are the killers! I couldn't finish them!  But I liked it. I felt that in a short time (less than an hour), all of my problem areas have been worked out. I didn't feel quiet as sore as I expected the next day.

I tried the intro to forma class earlier. This class is slower paced compared to the beginners class as the instructor takes the time to explain the routine. It's better to at least attend this once before moving on to the beginners class though there's only a about 2 intro classes offered each day. Bought the buy 1 take 1 class for PhP 650 only. I was intent on getting the PhP 3,000 unlimited good for a month but I wasn't sure if I was going to be in the country within the next month so I opted for just the Buy 1 Take 1. Personally, I find the regular fee for each class expensive. Even though, I'd like to sign up for annual membership, it's just way too expensive for me. Understandably, the fee also covers the amenities offersed such as shower, locker, towels, toiletries, but I still find it too expensive (ok. that's the 3rd time I wrote the word expensive within the paragraph). I might sign up for more classes though just to get the gist of the regimen (with the goal of eventually going DIY. Haha!).

All in all, plana forma is a great exercise. I would sign up for the whole year if I had deep pockets. It's perfect for someone who's busy. I find that it's perfect for me considering my problem areas and that I get a full workout within an hour! Being a working mom with extra concerns on my mind, it gives me the flexibility that I need. Now if I could only find myself a sponsor. ;)

Plana Forma
Jecoprime Building (the lone building near Essensa)
Bonifacio Global City

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