Upgrade Your HSBC Starbucks Tall Beverage

Finally! Good news that I was waiting for! You can now upgrade your Starbucks tall beverage courtesy of HSBC charge slips to either Grande or Venti for only PhP 15.00/30.00 pesos!

starbucks signature hot choco
Yes! Only PhP 15.00 for the grande and PhP 30.00 for the Venti!

Enjoyed my favorite Signature Hot Choco from Starbucks earlier in Venti for only PhP 30.00! That and a PhP 2K+ charge slip from HSBC. I also had mint syrup added for free!

Just checked the HSBC website though and it seems redemption is only until October 31, 2011. Sad to see this promo finally end just when Starbucks has already offered these upgrades! You can check out the revised HSBC terms and conditions here.


The Average Jane said...

I miss their signature hot chocolate! Hay! No Starbucks here in our place. Woe is me. =(

rye said...

Is there an S&R nearby? Found something that I think would be a good substitute, if not better, Starbs Sig Hot Choco ice cream! :)

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