Best Chocolate Cookies - Yet!

I promised here I was going to write about the best cookies I've had to date. Well without further ado, here it is:

Valrhona fudgy marshmallow clouds
These are Valrhona Fudgy Marshmallow Clouds cookies. Can you guess who made these?

Okay, one more shot with better lighting to help you out:
Valrhona fudgy marshmallow clouds
Still no idea? Find out after the jump!

jettee's tin cookie container
"Divine handmade pastries" from Jettee's Kitchen. 

Just from the packaging alone: tin can, brand font, sealed carton, it distinguished itself a cut above from the rest and I was *really* excited to try these out! I gingerly opened the can while waiting for a table at SumoSam in Rockwell, took out one cookie and a small bite... Would it suffice to say that it indeed was heaven? Not to wax poetics, but it was soft, just the right texture, and I can really taste the chocolatey goodness. It definitely tasted like how they described it - premiere cookie selection using only the best ingredients. It tasted like the best chocolate cookie there could be (thus far)!

premier cookie selection

I wouldn't have heard about them if it weren't for Ensogo. I'm so glad I was able to try these treats at a discount as these aren't exactly affordable! I would only buy these on special occasions when someone deserves a treat (i.e. me). I was so sad when we were down to the last piece. And I had to apportion it into four: one for me, another for H, euna, and then my sis!

last piece :(

It did not hurt that along with these exceptional cookies, Jettee's Kitchen is also very professional. The invoice was emailed to me prior to pickup at Rockwell. They were also punctual and flexible enough to accommodate me when we were running late for the pickup as we were waiting for Euna to wake up from her nap. I think we just made it in time for the 7pm cut off.

dark choco swirl banana
We also got to try this Ghirardelli (correct me if I'm mistaken, please) Dark Choco Swirl Banana round together with Organic Carrot Walnut round but I still have the cookies in my head.

You can check out Jettee's Kitchen website. Be patient though, it takes some time to load. It's the only drawback to the whole experience. I'd suggest a website overhaul. Makes ordering a pain! Yes, I will be ordering quite a number of tin cans for the coming holiday. Some people are going to be lucky recipient of these. Are you one of them? ;)

* Photos above and recent previous posts were taken using my Samsung (Google) Nexus S phone. It leaves a lot to be desired when it comes to image quality. I am doing these pastries a disservice! Better check out their website for the professional photos.


Anonymous said...

yummy smegie

Jettee Torres said...

Thank you for the post! :)

rye said...

Hi Jet! You're welcome. Wish I can have your goodies everyday!

Best Cookies In New York said...

These cookies are incredible. They are definitely one of the best chocolate cookies on market. Thanks for guiding us about this delicious dessert recipe.

rye said...

hey dessertdarling, yes, definitely one of the best out there! thanks for dropping by :)

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