Ba Noi

So pumped for my upcoming Vietnam trip which is happening just right after the holidays. In the meantime, I've just tried out Ba Noi. A rather small resto in Perea, Legaspi area but when we were there a couple of nights ago, the place was packed.

ba noi menu
I was trying to use the MetroDeal voucher that we bought before it expires but turns out they couldn't accommodate us that evening anymore (for the deal) since they've already run out of the necessary ingredients (the deal was a 4 course meal, if I'm not mistaken). Instead of going out and looking for another resto, I thought we might as well just try them out and see what we were in for.

pho ba
Ordered a bowl of Pho Ba (beef noodle) which I use as a benchmark of how good a place is (though I still wouldn't be able to say if it were authentic until after my upcoming trip to Vietnam). I thought the broth of this was better, more flavorful than what I've had in either Pho Hoa or Pho Bac.

Stir-fried honey spiced beef with fried basil
Stir-fried honey spiced beef with fried basil enjoyed with plain steamed rice.

I'd say the dishes are good but I find them rather expensive considering the servings (really small and barely enough for 1 person). I'd still stick to Pho Hoa.

sugar cane drink
Sugar cane drink on the house for driving all the way to Makati from Taguig.

Yes, pampalubag-loob (consolation) for not being able to make use of the MetroDeal voucher that same night. We're thinking of using the vouchers tom. Hopefully, Ba Noi can accommodate us then.

Ba Noi's, Greenbelt Mansions
G/F Greenbelt Mansions,
Perea St., Legaspi Vill.
Makati City

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