Hue: The Best of Vietnam

We were in Vietnam a total of 6 days. We were able to go out less than half of that no thanks to me succumbing to flu and 2 relapses after. We were supposed to see Saigon (HCMC), Hoi An, and Hue for the 6 day trip but we only ended up seeing the first and last. I'm not saying Hue as the best period, but it was the best of what I saw.

Hue is in central Vietnam with a weather infamously bad: rainy and cold. The whole time we were there, it was raining and the temperature easily less than 20 degrees celsius. But people carry on their daily activities as if the sun is out.

We arrived in Hue after more than a 2 hour train-ride. My knees were shaking and was I glad to have availed of the hotel's pickup service even if it was expensive. There's no price tag on convenience specially when one is sick.

Huge entrance of the Citadel. That's H in a blue hoodie.


We saw the Imperial Citadel or what's left of it, the place of the emperors. It's a sprawling area easily mistaken for English countryside if not for the distinctly Chinese style in what's left/restored of the structure.



Lake within the Citadel.


I couldn't resist having H take a picture of me with these row if distinctive red doors.



Restoration work ongoing. They have their work cut out for them.

Compared to the relics in Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City), which are of the recent war with USA, I prefer the Citadel. It didn't make me cry (I'll create a post later why a visit to the war remnant museum made me cry). It was a piece of history still standing. Sad that most of the structure was bombed during the US-Vietnam war.

These kois by the entrance of the citadel are well-fed.

I'd like to have seen more of Hue but I even paid the price for this 2 hour excursion. I suppose a trip back to Vietnam is in the works in the future.

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