Saigon War Remnants Museum & Why I Cried

It was day 2 in Saigon, Vietnam. I was feeling better after spending most of the previous day in bed with fever. H and I took the opportunity to do what was on the itinerary - a trip to the War Remnants Museum.

As the name suggests, what you'll find here are what was left of the long-drawn out US-Vietnam war: Chinooks, tanks, planes, helicopter, mines, and missiles.



More photos after the jump!

H had a field day looking at all these. After all, you don't see a Chinook everyday (he asked to have his pic taken with it)!


huge mines

I don't really know what the war was about (for me, there's no justification to any war. nobody wins). H tells me it was a war of ideologies...

This picture right here was the reason I started to cry...

I cannot imagine a life during war. The babies, the kids, the quality of life that they had... My grandparents used to tell stories of the 2nd world war, of  running and hiding.


I do not care who committed these. Whether this is just propaganda or not, bottom line, lives were lost and atrocities committed. A lesson to all of us what war can do to man, what man can do to his fellow human being.

agent orange
Effect of Agent Orange.

You have to give it to the Vietnamese for their resilience.

Better skip this section of the museum if you'd like to avoid the images above.

Third floor of the building - Historic Truths. But I was too disturbed with the photos already, I didn't bother checking it out. I'd seen enough.

If you still like to check the War Remnants Museum out, the Vietnamese like their lunch breaks so to be on the safe side, best to sched a visit to the museum before 11:30 in the morning or after 1:30 pm in the afternoon.

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