One Tagaytay Place

Can you believe it's February already? My, how time flies! I'm still recovering from my Vietnam trip and here we have the day of hearts approaching.
euna's first time in tagaytay
Euna's first time in Tagaytay so a picture with the Taal volcano (even if it was rather foggy) in the background is a must!

With V day upon us, thought I'd share with you the accommodation we stayed at in Tagaytay over the holidays last year, One Tagaytay Place specifically. I'm sure a lot of couples/families out there are making Tagaytay their destination this month. It is a cold and relaxing (depending on your activities) getaway just an hour or 2 away from Metro Manila.

Pictures of One Tagaytay Place after the jump!

It was H who planned the overnight trip meant for destressing. It was cloudy and intermittently drizzling/raining the whole time we were there so we were cooped indoors. H got the one bedroom suite with an area of 31 square meters. It had a receiving area, small dining area, and kitchenette/bar.

one tagaytay place
Upon entering the room, you have the receiving area with that 2 seater dining area against the wall.

one tagaytay place
A microwave wouldn't have hurt to have considering there's still space for it and it'd be great if the guests can reheat frozen food. I suppose that's not good business for the hotel's restaurant. 

P.S. Okay, their website states they will provide microwave upon request.

one tagaytay place

one tagaytay place
Sad, bare, utilitarian bathroom. You'd think a one bedroom suite would have a tub. The water heater suddenly stopped working in the middle of my bath. I wasn't happy. Good thing the maintenance guy was there in 5 mins and was able to make it work within 5 mins.

one tagaytay place
Bedroom. The low ceiling made the room feel cosy though I'd have appreciated it had the hotel provided fluffy/thick slippers to the disposable thin ones they have. It didn't help that the floor didn't have enough insulation from the cold (it was worse outside the bedroom since ceramic tiles were used).

one tagaytay place
Vanity and TV.

So that's it for One Tagaytay Place. I wouldn't say it is a hotel. It looked more like an apartment/condominium to me. For a cold place, I thought they should have placed more attention to providing warming comfort such as thicker slippers, thicker rugs, carpeted flooring (oh yeah, the penthouse has a rug). It set us back more than PhP 5,000 for a night.

For more info, you can check out their website.

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