Photobook Review

If our place would ever caught fire (knock on wood!), these would be what I'd prioritize:

These are product of hours of patiently sorting, enhancing photos (make that thousands of photos!), laying them out, and printing services thanks to Photobook.

Recently, Ensogo and Beeconomic (both group buying sites) have launched deals on Photobook. I bought 6 from Beeconomic. I have created 3 Debossed albums (2 of which have been given away) and 3 Imagewrap albums (one was also a gift). Bought 2 more from Ensogo which I am looking to use for Euna's year 2 album and Asia trips.


Below would be what a debossed album looks like.

Closer view of the leather used in a debossed album. Size is 8.5" x 11". This is black.

I also ordered this in brown. It looks great together with a photo in Sepia. No more pics of that album though as I've already given it to my mother.

My favorite would be my little girl's year 1 album. This is in imagewrap 8.5" x 11".

I upgraded the paper to 216 gsm premium silk at a cost of PhP 450. If you have a lot of pages, it'd would be worth the upgrade. This (216 gsm) is my favorite among the lot. I find the 170 gsm thin.The 170 gsm matte one  is even worse (I can see the print from the other side).


There is a software you can download from the photobook website. It comes with templates but I find them a waste of white space so I rarely use them. I like to fill my pages with color.


Binding looks durable.

Inside cover of the imagewrap.

In the 6 albums I've ordered so far from Photobook, all of it arrived via DHL within 7 days after upload of files and settlement of payment. The album actually came from Malaysia and shipping fee with the voucher costs PhP 300. This is on top of the voucher value.

Overall, a really efficient service. Only complaint I'd have is the one time I tried to redeem the vouchers and their server was overloaded with request but the team was quick to address the issue by extending the vouchers. So advise would be to redeem well before the last redemption date to avoid traffic.

I am looking to treasure and enjoy these albums until my old age. Hopefully, it'll last that long. I'm thinking of buying a plastic cover. I'd need to look for one though that won't take the beauty away from these albums. Where to get one?

Hurry, Photobook deal still available within the next 24 hours. Click here!


Ronelie Repollo said...

hello...for your photobooks delivery how much po ang charge per photobook po ba or per order regardless kung ilan?thank you

rye said...

hi! if it's with vouchers, i think shipping charge will be per photobook. but if direct with them, you should be able to combine. please do check out their website to be sure. :)

Anonymous said...

hi if it's with vouchers and you dont have credit card, how will you pay for the shipping fees?

rye said...

Hello Anon! I have not tried how to pay for shipping if without a credit card. I suggest reaching out to the merchant directly. :)

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