Benny's at Rustan's Makati

Yesterday was Mother's day here in the Philippines so I was quite sure that restaurants would be teeming with families dining out. Hence I decided that since we were going to Rustan's anyway to send a package out at Air 21, might as well try the restaurant at the entrance to Rustan's grocery. Where it's located, it's the default place to stop by when doing groceries at Rustan's (but we don't do our groceries there).
benny's interior
And I was right. There was no line at the restaurant.
Someone greeted me a happy mother's day when I went in.

table setting

This table setting is just pure genius. Benny's dark red logo juxtaposed against the brown paper. It's not expensive yet elegant.

brown paper bag to hold cutlery
Great use of the often neglected brown paper bag. In my youth, I associate this flimsy brown paper bag as mani (peanut) wrapper used by vendors on the street. Benny's logo looks great against it as well.

lovely guyabano shake
I thoroughly enjoyed this Guyabano shake. It was so fruity with no chunks of ice and not sugary sweet at all. At PhP 105, great value for money!

kinilaw na tangigue! yum!
Kinilaw! This is slices of Tanguige in vinegar with onion, ginger, and green chili.

I grew up with Kinilaw. My father loves making kinilaw. It's our version of the sashimi, I suppose? Instead of the wasabi and sauce, we just "cook" the raw fish in vinegar flavored with salt, pepper and garnished with onion, ginger, green/red chili (depending on preference), and Tabon Tabon. A fruit apparently just native to us in Northern Mindanao. We never have kinilaw without it and it does take care of the gamey (fishy) ness of the dish. You can read Market Manila's post on it here.

nilagang baka
Nilagang baka (cow). Much welcome on a rainy Sunday.

grilled tuna
Grilled tuna ordered by H. Just tried this but it was juicy and not dry at all.

rice! lotsa rice
That's a lot of rice. Well, I find it more than what is the usual fare compared to other restaurants. And H concurred.

Upon paying the bill, I was handed this:
mother's day cupcake
Thanks for my Mother's Day red velvet cupcake!

I really enjoyed our lunch/dinner at Benny's. For the price of the dish, I find this place value for money. That Kinilaw alone is more than what I had at Abe's and I preferred Benny's version (maybe because that's how my father used to make it before he added orange soda into the mix). So if you're looking for a place to eat at in the Glorietta/Rustan's/Landmark area serving Filipino fare, I suggest give Benny's at Rustan's supermarket a try!

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