Monday, May 21, 2012

Monday Bites: Yellow Cab Folded Pizza

Just got back from an overnighter in Batangas. I'm not quite sure how to describe the outing yet. Best to keep mum about it for now while I mull and think (calculate) things over (i.e. it felt like we paid more than we bargained for).

For today's Monday Bites, featuring the solo folded pizza from Yellow Cab. Usually, you'd be hard-pressed to eat at Yellow Cab alone since the menu is geared toward groups (at the very least 2 in a group). Fortunately, they came out with these Solo Folded pizzas which I've had 3 times already and 2x in one week.

when put together
You've got 3 choices: shrimp, pepperoni, and chicken. This one's shrimp.

folded pizza packaging
Packaging when taken out. The amount of packaging used for just one "sandwich" is really making me feel guilty. This makes me think of dining in next time.

shrimp solo folded pizza
My solo shrimp pizza.

greens and caesar's dressing
In another packaging would be the greens (lettuce and arugula), tomato, and caesar's dressing.

when put together
You put all of the greens on top of one half of the pizza, drizzle with dressing et voila, tu as un pizza sandwich (ok, not sure why I'm practicing French and don't know if that was even grammatically correct).

It's all works together quite well. I've tried both grilled chicken and shrimp and like them both. Lots of cheese with greens and some meat/seafood just makes it "look" healthy. Though I don't like it when it has been sitting in caesar's dressing for more than 15 minutes as the dressing just overshadows the other flavors and it's all I could taste. I'd say best consumed asap. I have this when I can't be bothered to sit in our office pantry. I usually just ring in my order and have them call me when it's ready for pickup (about 10-15 mins). Good for lunch/dinner or heavy snacks.

If you're an McKinley Hill, Yellow Cab is just across One World Square (across McDonald's).


Yellow Cab Pizza said...
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Yellow Cab Pizza said...

Great post! We're always happy when we read blogs about our products! Good to know you like our My Size Folded Pizza! ;)

Yellow Cab Pizza said...
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