Where To Shop in Hongkong If You Only Have Half A Day...

That's Puma and Mango outlet shops to the left where I scored my leather winter booties for a 5th of the  original price.

citygate outlet shopping

Can you guess where this is?

When we came here and saw the bargains to be had, H lamented we should have concentrated our shopping to just one place: Citygate Outlet!

On top of my MNG booties, I also scored Calvin Klein undies and a pair of MNG white jeans. Those were definitely good buys for me.

citygate outlet shopping

You just have to be aware of prices. Branded goods on sale would be best as they are expensive here in Manila with the added tax.

Very easy to get to the Citygate Outlet. Just take the train going to Disneyland. Get off at the last stop, Tung Chung as this is directly connected to the mall.

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