Monday Bites: More Filipino Food

Back in 2008, H and I found ourselves sitting in one of the restaurant's in Trinoma. It was in between lunch and dinner and there was no one else in the restaurant aside from us. This is what we ordered then:

2008 Abe Trinoma
A dish of Lechon Cubana and Kinilaw na Tanguige.

I found the serving of kinilaw really small. I can count the cubes of Tanguige with my fingers on just one hand.

Fast forward 4 years later and we thought we should try the same restaurant again, this time in their Serendra branch.
Hello again Abe!

Kinilaw of Fresh Tangigue
Again, kinilaw na Tanguige. This looks more substantial than the 2008 serving. Coconut milk is included in Abe's version which I am not used to. I am quite confident as well they don't use Tabon Tabon in this dish. Sorry, too fishy after taste for me. I prefer the kinilaw from Benny's.

lechon cubano
H's Lechon Cubana which he enjoyed. I really don't want him having any more pork (fat!) with his growing gut but he's happy with dishes like these.

lumpiang pica pica
My lumpiang pica pica which is made from floured garbanzos served with vinegar. Good actually for snacks if not a tad bit too dry for me.

suam of fresh native corn
Fresh corn soup.

I thought the restaurant following would have tapered by now after 4 years but the lunch rush that Sunday says otherwise.

Btw, they serve unlimited rice too. So Pinoy!

You can find Abe at the ground floor in Serendra just below Gourdo's.

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