Monday Bites: Iconic Jeepney For Breakfast

Ok. I was stunned just as the rest of the world with the decision on that Bradley/Pacquiao fight yesterday. But life never was fair so I'm moving on. It's Independence Day tomorrow so might as well feature for Monday Bites a place with distinctly Filipino interior (and exterior).

Yesterday, I had breakfast at this place:
jeepney frontage
Is that a jeepney with a traffic light?

One of the interesting exterior/interior for a small place offering all-day (they claim to be open 24 hours a day. Don't know if 7 days a week and 365 days a year) breakfast fare along Torres Street, Davao.

glass signage

The interiors after the jump!

How cool is that?! There's a jeepney within that small space!

The jeepney and walls are painted blue. Plate numbers and signs complete the decor.


But how's the food?

bacon breakfast
Surprisingly good bacon, cooked just right crispy, salty, and a bit sweet at the same time. I didn't try the atsara (pickled papaya).

But the service really needs improvement. Lots of it. Clearly, there was no process. Orders were confused. I had to correct the total as I was charged an extra rice that went to another table. It didn't help that they have a really small space and the kitchen from what I can see from the outside was nowhere near operational. It only has standing space left! The sunny side up eggs I ordered were cooked from outside the restaurant (that's why it's not included in the pic above as it was delivered late). I was informed they just opened the first of June so technically on soft opening, I suppose. I can only hope service gets better in the coming months.

sinangag express frontage
Sinangag Express is situated in the same block as Krua Thai and Bo's Coffee.

Ok, I did some googling, since I'm not a local of Davao, says here it's on Metro Lifestyle Compound, F. Torres St., Davao City.

P.S. Just realized I've been featuring "Filipino" food 3x in a row. Must be the Scarborough Shoal issue bringing out the patriotic side of me. Or is it because of Independence Day is happening tomorrow?

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