Toddler and Breastfeeding Room Within a Philippine Airport!

I am not sure with the rest of the Philippines but this is the first airport I saw within the country with a toddler room plus breastfeeding room within the boarding area!

toddler and bfeeding room
Thank you CAAP Gender & Development!

What joy to see this!
toddler room
Finally a toddler room where my daughter can play while waiting for boarding. Yes, it does make a world of difference to make time just pass by when flying with a toddler. Traveling indeed is easier!

If you're wondering where this is, it's the Davao International Airport. It's the only airport I've been in within the country with a breastfeeding room + toddler play area to boot! This beats NAIA 1, 2, and 3. I have been to all 3 and never once have I seen one, even just a breastfeeding room (correct me if I'm mistaken)!

They used to have a breastfeeding area outside the boarding area. I was happy with it but it was a hassle passing through the xray machine and security checks back and forth.

Now, even better, they have it within the boarding area! I haven't checked if the one outside just near the elevator is stil operational.
breastfeeding area
I'm sure breastfeeding moms are happy to have this!

euna @ the toddler room
And that's one happy toddler! And I'm a happy mama!

I was informed by the attendant that this project became operational March 7th, 2012 ( I wondered because they weren't there yet December 2011). The rooms are open for use until 9pm.

Kudos and thank you Davao and the persons behind the CAAP Gender & Development. Hope you influence the other airports to follow suit in the future!

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