A Day In Disneyland, HK - Part 1

I thought I'd share some photos of when we were there last March. There's a lot so breaking it into 2 parts.

snow white in hk
After leaving our luggage at Disneyland Hotel. Euna in her Snow White costume. So excited!

Disneyland, HK entrance. We bought our tickets from the hotel.


More photos after the jump!

We had no itinerary arriving at past 1. My little girl ended up running after bubbles.

Due to proximity, we decided to just get on the train and get an idea how big Disneyland HK is as it goes around the perimeter. The ride took about 20 mins if I'm not mistaken with one stop. I forgot which area that was.

Disneyland HK full map
To give you an idea, here's the full map of Disneyland, HK.

Decided to get some Mickey shaped waffles after the train ride for Euna.

But since that wasn't enough, lunch for adults at Plaza Inn while Euna had her midday nap.

And then it was time for the Flights of Fantasy parade at 3pm. This was on Main Street, USA.
Those balloons are wickedly expensive (and we couldn't bring it home. So much for a souvenir)!

So H thought they should go to the shop across the street to get Euna a hat...

And that's how they ended up on the other side opposite me. They took too long choosing for a hat that the street has been cordonned of and they can no longer cross since the parade has started!


Jumbo the Elephant led the parade.


Lovely, bright colors!


And Goofy and Minnie showed up. I can really just kill my husband for being on the other side of the street! I'm sure no one can paint the happiness on our daughter's face that time! And I missed it :( Miss #1!


And they're gone too soon!

I wonder how hard it'd be to strap these on and jump around?


And then it was fairytale time.


I was sure something was up when the dancers started approaching the crowd.

I motioned to H to give Euna to her!

But he was so busy with being starstruck, he totally missed it and missed the opportunity! The toddlers and kids danced in the middle together with the dancers! Those who were lucky enough anyway! Miss #2! I was so pissed with H that time. I so wanted to get a picture of my little girl in her Snow White costume dance with together with the dancers! That was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity! What are the chances Euna will get picked next time (that is assuming we'll have the resources to go back to HK within the next 2 years or so)?

Cinderella, Snow White, Aurora (and Belle behind Cinderella). I grew up watching these Disney movies secretly hoping they were true but knowing it's not.

Bumblebees from Pooh's hunny!

Again, lovely vibrant colors!

I really love the colors, costumes, makeup, everything! Clearly, a lot of thought went into it from the choreography, music, ensemble...

Tinkerbell's fellow fairies.

Hello Tink!

And then it was back in the shop for us to buy Euna that souvenir!

That sums up Disneyland HK - Part I. Look out for Part II!

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