I've Registered!

Tweeted sometime last week that there's a special voter's registration happening over the weekend. It happened last Saturday at Mind Museum, BGC, Taguig. I made it a point to drop by, allotting 30 minutes of my time for the said activity.

special voter's registration notice
Notice inside the elevator of our condo.

 special voter's registration 2012 bgc
We arrived around 4 pm in the afternoon armed with our passports (valid government ID) and proof of billing (to show we are Taguig residents).

Steps were numbered and the process was computerized. First step was to provide our passports and proof of billing and 2 women behind the table set about looking for our records. I was given a green form while my husband was given white. Green form meant I'm updating my record and white meant my husband is a virgin voter. Next year, 2013 will be the first year he'll ever vote (and to think he's older than me)!

special voter's registration 2012
A number of people inside registering.

I've been an absentee voter for the past decade so why vote now? Because my husband kept telling me, whenever I'd whine about this and that regarding the government, that I had no right to complain. So, to make my case and therefore have that right to complain, I am voting in next year's midterm legislative and local elections! With a growing daughter and a vested interest in the country (I have no plans of moving abroad as of the moment), this is my way of making a difference. I am filling out my list of senators to vote for while I definitely know who to avoid!

Funny thing was, as we were going outside at almost half past 4, a man was trying to come in to register. He was informed that the activity has closed already and they were just accommodating those who were inside. His point was, the notice was for 9 am til 5 pm. If they were going to close at 4:30, the notice should have said just that. Couldn't fault him really as even the notice I saw said 5:00 pm. Clearly, these were volunteers/workers who wanted to cut 30 minutes from that 8 hour budgeted time.

Didn't make the special voter's registration but still would like to register? You can still register at the Taguig City Hall, 57 General Luna Street, Tuktukan, Taguig City.

Have you registered already?

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