Best Salmon Sashimi in Manila

I can't believe I've stayed away from blogging for more than a month. I'm trying my hand at being a good organized mother which meant cutting back on my web surfing time. It has been working so far but I doubt if I have the discipline to carry this on for long. I want to keep informed!

Anyway, thought I'd drop by and share the good news: I've found one of the best Salmon Sashimi in Manila!
best salmon in manila
Just look at that beautiful meat. Its orange flesh is firm and bright. Can you guess where this is?

One of the best because I'm sure there are a lot out there which I don't know about (but need to know so your favorites are most welcome!)

Find out after the jump!

My husband and I are salmon sashimi lovers. We'd go to Saisaki at Glorietta, Makati just to binge on it. But nothing prepared me for the salmon in Hong Kong. When I got back, the salmon in Manila (Saisaki and SumoSam) was just not up to par anymore. Saisaki's great for quantity but if you're looking for quality, get it somewhere else.

Drumroll please...

Thankfully, Metrobank came out with a 50% discount on meals at Kimpura, Greenbelt 5 when dining on weekdays  and lunch only on Saturdays using certain Metrobank credit cards (I'm quite happy with them as of the moment with all the promotions they're running). Yes, Kimpura has one of the best Salmon Sashimi in Manila! Not only that, they also have a lot of excellent dishes on their menu. I should sit down one day and enumerate them. Haha!

Btw, my toddler turned 3 years old almost a month ago. 
euna and her play doh cake
Euna and her play-doh cake painstakingly put together by me.

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The Drunken Pig said...

The salmon looks amazing! I bet it must've been awesome. Cool blog!

rye said...

It was an amazing salmon! Thanks! I can say the same for your blog as well. :)

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