J.CO Donuts Now In Makati!

Around first week of July, J.CO Donuts at Greenbelt 3 finally opened. We went there about 3/4 days after first day of opening and there was this line. I stood there for more than 15 minutes waiting for my turn. Unfortunately, donuts were flying off the rack faster than they were being refilled so there wasn't a lot of choices left for me.

line at jco donuts

oreo & alcapone
Oreo and Alcapone (topped with almonds) donuts. These varieties were available after I've placed my order for a dozen and I was loathed to change them (though changes are accommodated) so had these for dine in instead.

More photos after the jump!

One dozen J.CO donuts for the road. I forgot the names of each but my 2 favorites are all on the top most row. That would be the Chocolate Caviar Donut (sprinkled with those tiny circles that look like balls in a ball bearing) and Blackforest. Yes, all chocolate considering I'm not a "chocolate person".
one dozen
Verdict: H describes eating one like eating air. It's that light! He eats about 2-4 in one sitting since (and I concur) it really doesn't leave a lasting footprint in one's tummy.

We went back again earlier to order another dozen. This time, there was no line but I suppose it was late already (around 10 pm). But the donut below I just had to order separately (doesn't go with the box of a dozen). This is J.CO's Cheesy Rich donut. True to its name, it's smothered with cheese!
J Club cheesy rich
Cheese and whipped cream! Nakaka-umay though with all that cheese.

H's JCOccino.

Definitely, the presence of J.CO in the Philippines provides options and variety to donut eating folks like me.

Wala lang! :)

J.CO Donut is available at the 3rd floor of Greenbelt 3, Makati (just beside Nanbantei of Tokyo).

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