Overnight at Disneyland Hotel, Hongkong

Sorry for the late update. It has been a hectic month end. Just crazy how the end of June is end of 2nd quarter and half one of the year at the same time. I'm still recovering from all the toxins my body must have produced during the past 2 weeks. But back to regular programming.

I promised here a post on the Disneyland Hotel in Hongkong. So here it is.
euna at the lobby
Euna at the hotel's lobby.

chandelier at the lobby
I really love the high ceilings and floor to ceiling arched windows providing the hotel lobby with lots of natural light. And that's a lovely chandelier with intricate patterns.

minnie statue
Minnie Mouse statue at the lobby. Euna didn't know where to settle her eyes on.

lovely carpeting
I love the detail on the carpeting.

More of the Disneyland Hotel after the jump!

We went to the nearest restroom in the lobby for Euna to change to her Snow White costume before heading to the Disneyland Park.
common area restroom with diaper changer
Diaper changing station for kids.

mirror! mirror!
Mirror, mirror on the wall! It felt like being in a storybook.

snow white euna at the lobby
Euna at the hotel lobby already in her Snow White costume. There usually is a Disney character at the lobby specially around check out time. Provides a great opportunity for photoshoots!

reception area for kids
Kids have their waiting area while mum and dad checks in (our out).

Hallway leading to the rooms.

We got the cheapest room in the hotel.
euna opening the door
Euna's excited to see what's inside!

Two double beds! Can easily fit a family of four! We ended up piling our stuff on the other bed.
2 double beds

That's one excited girl who asked for the tv to be turned on who had the option of several Disney channels.
excited euna

beside stationery
Bedside stationery. No more spa treatments for us. Too tired (and expensive!).

view from the room
View from the room.

kiddie meal at disneyland hk
Room service for the little girl. You can read about it here.

robes and slippers for every one in the family
Love how each one in the family is accounted for. There are 3 robes here. One for mum, another for dad, and another for the little one, all sized accordingly. Even the slippers!

old world charm
Love this old world ice bucket stand with tongs.

safe and bar
Safe, small fridge, biscuits and chocolates.

Lovely bathroom. Amenities boxed with the Snow White dwarves on the front. How fitting for our Snow White princess (though this was lost on her)!

bathroom sink
Another shot with the loo on the side. The bath rub is to the right.

do not disturb

I guess that's it. Time to call it a night. There's still breakfast the next day at the Enchanted Garden where one can meet and greet the Disney characters!

enchanted breakfast

Watch out for that!

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