Seda, Cagayan de Oro

Did a bit of hotel hopping a few days back. Went to CDO to swing by father's birthday and in the process, spent a night at the latest hotel to open in Cagayan de Oro, Seda, the hotel chain from Ayala. AFAIK, there is a Seda in Davao, one in BGC, and the latest, in CDO. Even the keycard used in CDO has the J.P. Laurel, Davao address. I thought it was time to try something different for a change. For a while back, my hotel of choice when in CDO was Marco Hotel in Alwana, Cugman.

how the hotel looks from the outside
Seda Hotel facade. The hotel has direct access to the Ayala Mall, Centrio.

Our flight was very delayed. Thanks, apparently, to the air traffic in NAIA. Good thing I requested for pickup from the Lumbia airport by the hotel's airport transfer service. A man dressed in short sleeved polo, dark slacks, holding an iPad with the Seda logo on the screen was waiting for us. Of all the guys standing there, he was the only one inside the gates aside from outgoing passengers which really goes to show they have some pull within the airport grounds. We were led to a black sedan and I asked the driver where the logo was and I was informed it was on the door by the front passenger seat. I checked when I got off and it was indeed there, quite a discrete way of putting it and can easily be missed at night.

By the time my preschooler and I arrived at Seda, it was already a couple of minutes past midnight and we got in via an inconspicuous side entrance. Being that this hotel is connected to the Centrio Mall, the lobby is at the 4th floor.

seda lobby and restaurant area
Lobby, restaurant to the right, and the function room and meeting rooms at the far back of the building.

Above pic was taken with me standing by the reception desk. It's very minimalist and area is definitely limited. The hotel very much reminded me of our condo. I can finally see where the interior designer was heading with her choice of colors in our place.

Click more for the tour!

I booked the most basic room via Agoda. I actually called Seda in advance to ask if they could offer better rates but since they could not (and I was advised to book with Agoda), then Agoda it was (I do not understand why hotels would prefer to give Agoda a percentage of their sales).

upon entry
Upon entry to the room. Closet to the right side not in the picture. Saw the wirings jutting out though inside the closet. Not a good finish for the hotel. Lack of attention to detail for a hotel of this class.

Requested for a huge bed as we were also joined by my sister who checked in ahead of us.

framed tv
Entertainment and desk with hairdryer inside. I love that there's a provision for different ports perfect for the traveler with several gadgets.

preschooler in adult bathrobe
Preschooler dressing up in bathrobe.

tea and coffee?
Coffee and tea making facility. My sister mentioned something about the coffee being good (according to the person who helped her with the baggage). Cannot attest to that as I do not drink coffee. This was left untouched.

Available refreshments.

clean and functional bathroom
Standard bathroom with hot and cold shower and toiletries. No dental kit provided though.

pool view from the room
Our room was at the 8th floor if I'm not mistaken. Pool view from the room.

Room service was only until 10 pm , I think. Requested for a menu for breakfast the following day but it took them so long, I decided to go down with my preschooler instead. We had free breakfast with the booking but my preschooler and I were unable to wake up early in time for final call at 10 am. My sister, who did avail of it, told me there was limited choices.

missing my cute preschooler
Breakfast came in the form of mixed seafood. This is because my daughter loves shrimp tempura. There's also fish, squid, and, if not mistaken, kangkong tempura.

mixed seafood. enjoyed the kangkong tempura (i think)

mushroom risotto. bland
A bland mushroom risotto with really tiny scallops on top. Not at all what I expected.

By late afternoon, it was time to check out the pool.
pool in need of cleaning

Preschooler was looking forward to it.
euna by the pool

Until she started itching. Good thing no redness stayed afterwards. The pool could have definitely benefited from cleaning. Slime/grime appears to have formed on the edges of the pool floor.

euna scratching her legs

Overall, the hotel is definitely a notch higher than the limited hotels that I've seen in CDO. It can definitely do better. For the price being charged, it's not quite value for money, for me. There's an expectation, from my end, of being "more". It was ok but I was not necessarily blown away. Food was ok. Service okay. Maybe there's no extra mile from the staff? Or the lack of attention to detail in the room? Or that, it looks like the hotel is still on soft opening (if that were the case, then those rates should be lower). Those are my 2 cents anyway.


Unknown said...

We're going back to Manila next week and was actually thinking of staying at Seda BGC since it looks really nice and very accessible to High Street. We decided not to book at the last minute and went with another hotel near the airport. Nanghinayang tuloy ako. =(

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