The Marina Bay Sands and Bazin

I am back in Singapore. Almost 3 weeks already and will be flying back to Manila again before this week ends. I wanted to go to Malaysia the past weekend but H had work so that plan was scratched. We decided to check out the Marina Bay Sands instead.

The Marina Bay Sands facade

It's HUGE! And to drive home my point, another shot of it.

The Marina Bay Sands facade

The ground level is breathtaking! Look how high those ceilings are!

And that was just from the outside, see how it looks from the inside after the jump.

Cavernous interior at the Marina Bay Sands
Don't like this guy who eschewed the proportions of my shot. Photo bomber bummer!

For a place so small and where everything is in practical proportions, the Marina Bay Sands is not. Those high ceilings definitely say luxury of space. And the shops lining level 1 are indeed high end with Hermes, Gucci, and Bottega Veneta among the few. Outside is the cannot-be-missed architectural shop from Louis Vuitton (unfortunately did not take a shot of it. I forgot to bring my OMD btw hence I've been making do with photos from my mobile phone).

H and I were really hungry at this point and we were more than halfway through the structure when we decided to check out the interactive map to find out where we were. Found out there were several casual dining restaurants dotting outside and moving from one to the other, decided to eat at Bazin.

Bazin exterior
Bazin exterior.

H was hankering for a steak which was what made us decide to have both lunch and dinner (lunner?) there.

H at Bazin
Checking out the food scene at Marina Bay Sands. Interested in trying out the celebrity restaurants in the future. Not now though and not casually dressed as we were (haha! There's a smart casual dress code in the celebrity restaurants).

Minty Melon at Bazin
Ordered this glass of Minty Melon which was really good. It had lime and on the sour side but not quite. Also the most expensive non-alcoholic drink I've had to date but no regrets there being it was unique and the combination was a first for me.

Bazin interior
Bazin interiors.

After waiting about 15 - 20 minutes, H's steak finally arrived. He was quite excited considering it was described as grain fed black Angus meat having been aged 300 days! He ordered it medium.

Ribeye at Bazin served

But it arrived on the medium well end. He was so disappointed when he tasted it and could not determine any difference with the meat we buy from supermarkets.

Ribeye at Bazin - Cut

I felt sad for my husband. The reason why we eat out at these kind of restaurants and pay for these prices is because we know we won't be able to replicate the same thing at home. But if we can, why even bother dining out and throw hard-earned money on it at the same time?

Truffle Pizza at Bazin
Good thing this Truffle pizza, a chef's recommendation, was truly something divine. Described as having a pesto base, with cheese, sprinkled with button and shiitake mushrooms, cherry tomato, coriander, and shaving of black truffle and truffle oil.  It was very light, both the tomato and coriander added freshness to it. I have not tasted anything like it before. I found it worth the price.

The restaurant's service was tepid, it was ok. It's not good for wait-staff to discriminate but I've found out after years of dining, that when diners take the time to take extra care in how they look, usually, this equates to the level of service one gets. All the time, regardless of what one wears, we end up paying the same percentage for service anyway.

Light, sound, and water at Marina Bay Sands

One good thing about the restaurant is its location, directly outside is the lights, sound, and water show. I stepped out in the middle of the meal to take a couple of shots. Next time, I'll bring my preschooler here for the show.

My husband's spirit in need of a pick-me-up, we decided to drop by Au Chocolat. This is a chocolate lover's paradise.

Au Chocolat frontage at Marina Bay Sands
We ended up having cake here and bringing home French macarons. Will post about that next.

Found out there were a lot of food options at the food court which was at the basement by the skating rink. There's even Filipino Cuisine. I miss Filipino food but get wary of restaurants touting Filipino cuisine when I found out in a certain Filipino food stall in Changi Point is not manned by a Filipino! I was expecting the woman to speak to me in Tagalog and she spoke to me in English. Looked to be Malay.

Filipino Cusine at Marina Bay Sands

So glad to find out that it's Gerry's Grill. We're saving that for next time. ;)

Gerry's Grill at Marina Bay Sands

We walked to the Marina Bay sands from the end of the North-south (red) line because we did not know it was already integrated with the orange line. To save yourself the trouble, alight at Marina Bay from the red line and then transfer to the orange line and get off at Bayfront where it has direct access to the Marina Bay Sands. Check out the map below.

Photo from SG Land Transport blog.


Unknown said...

Gerry's Grill at MBS isn't really at their peak performance. Food borders on blah to plain ok. Isn't really even served warm.

Try the one in Cuppage, near Orchard Road. It's a more formal dine-in place and the food's great.

Or better yet, try 7107 flavors at Neil Road (they were located in Marina Square mall before). It's a more up-scale Filipino restaurant here. Food's great! Even the mango shakes are made from mangoes from PH. Love the Kare Kare and Crispy pata. =)

rye said...

Oh, that's not good. Thanks for the tip. Will check out Gerry's Grill at Orchard then next time or 7107.

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