What's Better Than Salmon?

You know I'm such a fan of salmon.


But I found something better.

Find out after the jump!

This share is long overdue. Thanks again to my Metrobank credit card, I was introduced to the world of Sugi, a Japanese restaurant located in Greenbelt 2 in Makati. It was on 50% off for a limited time back in April to May for certain Metrobank credit cards. Yes, I'm loving this credit card and the promotions it's running.

So what's better than a salmon?


This hamachi or yellowtail. It's so clean and smooth, it just glides. I'd suggest that if you were going to have salmon and hamachi in one sitting at Sugi, have the salmon first. Otherwise, you don't want to eat it anymore after having this.

But then I found out that not all Hamachis are made equal.hamachi at sakae sushi, northpoint
A plate of yellowtail at Sakae Sushi, Northpoint in Yishun, Singapore. How different is that?

So it's still a matter of where you get your sashimi from. Speaking of which, Kimpura still has the best salmon  sashimi out there for me.

Sugi is located at the ground floor of Greenbelt 2, Makati.

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