Good News: Kids Play Area Now at NAIA 1!

Dropping by for some bit of good news. About 2 weeks ago, my daughter and I flew back to Singapore via Singapore Airlines which is how we found ourselves in NAIA 1. We had a good one hour to kill prior to boarding time (which is one hour prior departure) so was so glad when I saw this:

NAIA1 Play Area
Yay! Kids play area!

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I do not like NAIA 1 because of the following reasons:
  1. It's small and with the number of passengers and flights it tries to accommodate, is crowded.
  2. There's no decent food.
  3. Limited shops (Read: Nothing to do if you're killing time).
But I go there nonetheless specially when flying with my daughter because I do not want a stressful 3 hour plane ride to Singapore (Philippine Airlines does not offer individual inflight entertainment). So I was very happy indeed when I saw this play area for kids just across the limited food choices in NAIA 1.

I'm the one playing with these Lego blocks. Not my daughter.

Lots of Lego
That's a lot of Legos to play with. They also have Duplo for the younger ones.

dated TV on Cartoon Network
And TV glued to Cartoon Network. Personally, I'm not a fan of the channel and I asked the attendant whether it's possible to change it to either Nick Jr or Disney Junior but the control for the TV is not with them.

There's sofa there as well if you want to take a breather. Breastfeeding Moms can use this instead of being out with the rest of the passengers.

I can see small improvements in NAIA 1. I do think there's still a long way to go but it's very encouraging seeing these small steps. Whoever is responsible for these changes, thank you and please continue to do so.

P.S. The restrooms have been improved! It's clean, there's tissue, and there are hand towels!

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