Beautiful Sumilon Island

I am missing a real vacation. The last one was back in February where my family did a Siquijor - Dumaguete - Sumilon trip. It was tiring but so worth it. I  was looking through the photos earlier and thought I'd share them here. Definitely one of the most breathtaking, beautiful places in the Philippines.

sumilon island at dusk - view from the top
The infamous Sumilon Sandbar. Taken in the late afternoon as the sun was setting. The water was starting to rise hence the middle bit of the sandbar is submerged in water.

We were fortunate to stay on the island itself so there were plenty of opportunities to come back to this sandbar.
sumilon island at dusk

More Sumilon Island photos after the jump.

sumilon island nature

There are a lot of visitors who would rent a boat to get to the Sumilon sandbar and stay on the island for an hour or 2 or 3.

sumilon island at nearly noon
It's so beautiful, from all angles, that all pictures turn out amazing. Even a selfie will be amazing! :)

One late, lovely afternoon, we went to the sandbar and found out we had the island to ourselves. It was already nearing dusk so the visitors were already leaving. That's the best time to be at the sandbar (and maybe early mornings).
lovely greenish blue waters

A rare shot of me. I am usually the one behind the lens.

yours truly

We had the whole place to ourselves which provided plenty of opportunities to take picture-perfect photos.

sunset with papa
Father and daughter bonding time.

sumilon island lovely blue skies
Isn't that a pretty shot of the sandbar? I ought to frame that. :) That's the last boat about to leave the sandbar.

sumilon island with euna
Very fine white sand and blue skies. It was definitely one of the most memorable vacations I've been to. That sense of calmness and happiness that I felt while sitting on the sand waiting for the sun to set, fills me right now just by looking at this photo.

Sumilon Island is off the southern most tip of Cebu. You can either take a 3 hour bus ride from Cebu City to get to the Sumilon Visitor Center and take a boat ride across from there or you can take the Dumaguete route.

P.S. I implore you, that if you do visit the island, please be mindful of your trash. Bring it back with you. It is such a beautiful place. Let's be responsible enough to clean up after ourselves.

Pick up your trash

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