Staycation: The Sentosa Resort and Spa Singapore (Formerly, The Beaufort)

Back end of August, my dear H booked an overnight stay for us at The Sentosa Resort and Spa Singapore. The plan was for me to rest and enjoy a great massage (which did not materialize when I found out how much a massage costs! Haha!).


It was a bright and sunny day. My preschooler is raring to go. Except that taxis are really hard to come by on Saturday afternoons. We called several cab companies all without any success. Good thing this cab was in the neighborhood.

IMG_3760 Mercedes

Benz for a cab. This would be unheard of in the Philippines. Try getting the limo service from Sofitel and see how much that would cost you! Pricier than Comfort, CityCab, and SMRT but for long distances, the difference becomes negligible. Really. It will amount to just about 6 SGD for Yishun to Resorts World Sentosa.

Enjoyed a ride in plush leather seats and interiors for less than 30 SGD. Not bad.

We finally arrived at The Sentosa Resort and Spa about 30 minutes later.

High ceilings at the lobby. Check in was a breeze.

Check out the room after the jump!

Was so happy when I saw the resort grounds. Yes, it actually earned the resort attached to the name.

Does this still look like Singapore to you? This made me feel like I was transported somewhere else. Great job with the layout and landscaping!

I loved that the room had a separate foyer. So no one could actually see inside the room providing privacy for those seeking it. You can order food and just have it left in foyer. Perfect!


See the door separating the foyer from the room? Door to the bathroom on the left. 

The TV is personalized. Loved that you can see your bill real time. So transparent! Welcome Mr. XX! And it also provides you with weather updates.

King-sized bed for us 3. The room is kind of dated and I could see it needs refurbishment. It needs to be aired out more as well.



The tub is wonderful but the toilet had a smell and shower was claustrophobic. It didn't help that the light bulb was not working. On the bright side, service was efficient. Maintenance guy was in the room within 5-10 minutes of the call and had it repaired in no time. I'd expect nothing less of Singapore.



Bath amenities.


iPhone 17-Aug-2013 9-Sep-2013

Huge closets.


Yay, TWG tea! Have eaten 3x at TWG. Twice in Greenbelt, Makati and once in Takashimaya, Singapore. The level of service and quality of food is the same though Singapore is more expensive by about 30 percent. Despite this, never thought to purchase their tea. Haha! So good to be able to try them out here at the resort without having to commit to purchase.

iPhone 17-Aug-2013 9-Sep-20131
What's inside the ref? Did not touch anything here though. As expected in hotels/resorts, prices are jacked up. 

The best part of the resort? The heated pool!
preschooler with papa at the heated pool
Yes, those are my legs and preschooler and H off to the right. Preschooler was squealing with delight in no time!


Lovely resort. It made me forget I was in the middle of an urban jungle. Just the little R&R that I needed. The room definitely needs improvement but overall, the experience was pleasant and I didn't want to leave. Thank you dear H for organizing!


For more details, check out the resort's website here.

Next up, the food at The Sentosa Resort and Spa!

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