Making a Frozen Themed Kiddie Party Happen on a Budget

My little girl turned 5 a week ago! I know cliche, but how time flies! She had a Disney Frozen inspired birthday party at school and it was one heck of a blast. Imagine having a party for 40 kids! It definitely was not easy and was eventually scaled down in the end when the toddlers were separated from the group.

euna turns 5

I initially did not want to have a big party as she had a HUGE one last year. I did not want to spend too much but since we moved to Singapore and our little girl didn't seem to be having an easy time fitting in, I thought having a birthday party for her at school would make things better. On top of that, I had loads of free time, so why not?

Find out how I (with loads of help from my sister and in-laws) DIY'd a Frozen birthday party in Singapore after the jump!

My daughter held her birthday party at school. I was shocked with the fee that was initially asked. Good thing that was lowered to half.

Everything was culled from the internet. I was only responsible for putting the whole thing together. :)

The dessert table, backdrop, and birthday banner below were all DIY'd. Went to Spotlight in Dhoby Ghaut for the white table cloth. Daiso for huge paper. Popular bookstore for the glittered foams which became her name.  Foam tapes for 3D effect were also sourced from Daiso. The crepe paper fan I bought from National Book Store from the Philippines when I was in Cebu a couple of weeks ago.

happy bday backdrop

Loads of snowflake patterns on the internet. We used 5 point and 6 point snowflakes. I learned making paper snowflakes thanks to this birthday party!

The paper doiley fans came out quite lovely. My MIL worked late creating them. This was an unexpected find from Phoon Huat bakeshop. Score!

dessert table

This dessert table was a labor of love. Found organic baby carrots from Cold Storage and called these Olaf's Nose. Scrumptious chocolatey chocolate crinkles recipe from (I used Lindt and Hersheys Kisses). Salted pretzels were found by my mother-in-law from Chong Pang Market in Yishun (what do you know?).


Cupcake recipe was also from Check out her red velvet cupcake recipe. I just changed the color to match the Frozen theme. :) The "teal" chocolate fondue was a mixture of white chocolate, cream, and azure food coloring. :)

frozen 5th cake

Frozen cake above is also red velvet cake recipe from I just changed the color. The Happy Birthday bunting on the cake was lovingly made by my sister and my MIL brought in the Frozen cake toppers from the Philippines.

loot bag pillow box

Pillow boxes loot bags with white paper string for handles. Both paper and paper string sourced from Daiso. Doiley from Phoon Huat. Free printable from HomeKeeters which I just customized.

do you want to build a snowman

Of course, who can have a Frozen birthday party without the "Do you want to build a snowman?" kit? Marshmallows from Muji and Cold Storage. Salted Pretzels from Chong Pang Market.

pastamania spread

Food was ordered from Pastamania. Very professional and everything labeled accordingly. The teachers loved the assorted pastry cakes provided.

The kids had games such as the statue dance and snowfight (loads of newspapers strewn on the ground afterwards). I did not think the teachers were prepared for that one.

The highlight of the party was the Frozen Bubbles! I was inspired from this video which is originally an activity for halloween - Boo Boo Bubbles. Thank you so much for this dry ice experiment. The kids had way too much fun!

frozen bubbles

The kids were both amazed and so happy at the same time! The gloves were to keep the bubbles from popping. I've tried with bare hands and the bubble just disintegrates.

frozen bubbles

Bubbles were sourced from Daiso. Dry ice delivered from Uni-tat. DIY'd decorated jar from Phoon Huat. The gloves were $2 a pair from Daiso.

The party ended with the pulling of the snowflake pinata - of course! My daughter requires a pinata in her birthday parties. She had a beautiful pocket watch for a pinata last year made by my youngest sister for her Alice in Wonderland birthday party (I should do a post on that one) and this nearly did not happen. Thanks to my sister for putting this together in such a short time.

snowflake pinata

I saw no point in having a paper mache pinata (all that hard work) so I was very happy to find this easy pinata tutorial.

snowflake pinata

It was a mad scramble afterwards as mini balloons, play money, confetti, and chocolate fell. Even the adults joined in on the fun too.

The beautiful braided backdrop below made from tablecloth bought from Spotlight was created by my sister. How to here. The balloons I bought from the Philippines but had them blown up in Singapore by Mtrade. Olaf too I bought from them.

family pic. frozen backdrop

The crown tutorial was from Paging Supermom but there was not time to wait for the glue to dry so switched to blue reflective stickers bought from Daiso instead (which were also used for the Frozen text behind). Boys' antlers template was from the Sisters Suitcase Blog. Both made from foam sheets bought from Popular.

This was one tiring but fun birthday party! :) I love you little girl!

P.S. Need help with putting together a Frozen party in Singapore, let me know and I'm very happy to help out. :)

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