The Varied Organic Food Choices at Rustan's Marketplace

Welcome 2015! Happy new year! I've been remiss, yet again, in updating HFTW. I've spent almost one month in the Philippines for the holidays and now I'm back in the Little Red Dot. So hard to do a recap of 2014. It has been an interesting year, one with heartaches, uncertainties, and yet a lot of emotional growth. How would you describe yours?

Festive Holiday Decor at Powerplant
No one does Holiday cheer better than the Philippines. :)

So I was in Metro Manila for a few days the first week of this year to get some errands done and we stayed at the Joya Tower in Rockwell. I'll be writing a separate post re the accommodation later on but let me just share with you, and I was very ecstatic, to find so many organic choices under one roof! I love, love, love it and it made me wish we were still living in Metro Manila.

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Rustan's Marketplace is the grocery available at the Powerplant Mall in Rockwell, Makati. I love that they have a deli section, cheese, truffles, caviar, and a truffles and caviar spread (I bought one at 50% off expiring in a couple of days but I just wanted to try and I'm such a sucker for discounts), and you can order ready made dishes as well if you're too tired (or lazy) to cook. They also have lots of local and imported greens, variety of dressings, and even mushrooms which is hard to come by (mushrooms rarely make an appearanc in Filipino dishes)! Shiitake, button, and oyster mushrooms were available, if I remember correctly. I also love that they offer freshly pressed juices fruit and vegetable juices such as carrots, cucumber, apple, and watermelon. But what really got me excited were the organic options available to the consuming public.

Can you believe how many options of Organic rice this is? And you have brown, whole grain, and red? 

Brown Rice Options - All Organic

Of course, don't forget the egg. I cry at the exorbitant prices of free range eggs here in Singapore at an average price of SGD 12 per 10 pieces. The above is very near to that price but then this is the premium variety.

Premium Free Range Eggs

Have you checked out this more affordable alternative?

Organic Eggs

Preshafruit The Preshafruit juice is a fave of mine and while not touted as being organic, it's as natural as apple juices go, the best clean-tasting I've had on the market. It tastes natural and better than that, the ingredients don't include anything else but
apple and whatever fruit it's being mixed with. It's cold-pressed and I love the minimal packaging. The price is at par with Singapore as well considering the exchange rate.

Have you noticed the number of afams (a foreigner assigned in Manila) here? I think there were more afams doing their grocery shopping here than there are locals (which would account for the produce made available).

Beautiful Reindeers at Powerplant

Loved this reindeer installation by the entrance of the Powerplant Mall. Take note that these reindeers are moving! People were having their pictures taken with it.

May we all scale greater heights (or depths) this 2015!

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