If You Haven't Booked Your Complimentary Night With Accor Yet, Book Now!

Remember I purchased the Accor Advantage plus with a free night? Well, I haven't gotten around to claiming that free night yet and was planning on using it any weekend this March but found out earlier that there are no more Saturdays available for the complimentary night at Sofitel Manila! What's more, I checked April, May, and June, looking for an available Saturday at the Sofitel Manila and was able to reserve for the 2nd Saturday of July! Whoa!!! That's a long way off! Reminder to self to book early should we decide to continue membership for next year. So this is the loophole. Oh well, I should have known it was too good to be true (still not a bad deal if you ask me. I just have to be smarter when using it). So if I were you, better book now!

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CAROL CHAI said...

I would like to book a complimentary night on behalf of my husband charles prescott. Please assist.

HP No 65-97716610

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