Choco True Premium from Cheesecake, Etc

Last week, my weight was at an all-time low hovering at 95-96 pounds. The last time I weighed like that was as a college freshman! So fasting during lent was out of the question. Instead, I saw a perfectly good excuse to binge on cake from Cheesecake, Etc. when I saw that they were selling all whole cakes at 40% off! As I didn't want cheesecake and anything with mousse, I settled for the Choco True Premium cake.

Choco True Premium Cake
Doesn't it look delish?

Choco True Premium Cake - Slice
I must say delish ended there. The cake wasn't bad but for its price range, I was expecting more. I googled the cake and found a website describing it as "Ultra moist Chocolate Cake layered with caramel chocolate frosting lavishly covered with chocolate ganache". I couldn't agree with it. While I wasn't expecting the cake to be moist, I didn't expect it to be drying either (maybe that's why it was selling at 40% off). The parts with the caramel chocolate frosting was its saving grace but sadly there wasn't much of it to go around - there was a very thin sheet of frosting. Don't even let me start on the red and white icing which was just food coloring and sugar (we ended up throwing it away together with the cake box)! Of course, the website doesn't say that the cake came from Cheesecake, Etc. but it looks so similar I'm thinking the cake must be outsourced.

I'm no cake connoisseur but if you are and have tried this, let me know what you think.

Oh yeah, now I'm back to 100. So I guess the cake was worth it nonetheless.

Happy Easter!


iSSa said...

ka-pretty ani rye oy! too bad it doesn't taste good -_- btw, wala lagi ka adsense diri? sige bya ko click sa "rye in the city" ads nimo, hehe

rye said...

la pa nko butangi ug adsense mels. thanks for clicking. hehe!

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