Favorites at Cafe Breton

I was feeling so low earlier, I had hubby pick me up at work and as usually is the case, we ended up eating out - this time at Cafe Breton along Pasong Tamo, Makati.

My new fave!

I usually order the La Pinay which is a combination of mango, choco sauce and vanilla ice cream. But earlier, I only wanted to have a crepe with mango without any ice cream which was how I ended up with the Majestic Pinay. Albeit more expensive than the former, no regrets on my end at all as it was yummm! As you can see from the picture, the crepe was coated on top with melted nutella drizzled with choco sauce, whipped cream, and served with slices of ripe mango inside. The crepe was still warm and was soft enough to eat, nearly melt-in-your-mouth soft (not hard and stringy at all like the crepe from Tokyo Cafe). That's one of the things I like about Cafe Breton, for me, their crepes have always been consistent - consistently nearly melt-in-your-mouth soft and always served hot off the pan. Momentarily, I was lifted off into faraway land, forgetting whatever it was that bothered me.

Another fave and the only "sandwich" on the menu that my hubby and I both order is the mozarella burger which is served with a bit of green.
Euna, my little one, for some reason doesn't like this (could be because of the onion).

It has button mushrooms (I think the canned variety) and the patty isn't all that meaty at all but I still order this everytime I'm at Cafe Breton. It's just comfort food for me.

Maybe next time, when I am not in need of a pick-me-upper, I'll actually try something else. :) Which would you recommend?

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