What You Can Expect From Cebu Pacific

Last Friday, I left the office earlier than usual to catch the last flight to Cagayan de Oro via Cebu Pacific. I made sure to give ample time for checking in and time for dinner before flight considering that I was flying with Euna without H and Cebu Pacific doesn't offer (free) meals onboard. I had my youngest sister with me but she's not used to how I operate when I travel with Euna in tow. So I've already anticipated that I was in for a bit of stress.

Mad crowd 2
But this is what greeted me approaching the boarding gate.

People sitting on the floor. Looks like several flights have been delayed.

Even the airline crew's not spared
Even Cebu Pacific's own airline attendants and pilots are milling around.

You've got to check this out:

And we're worth just a cup pf noodles
Cup of noodles?!!!

That's what Cebu Pacific's passengers waiting for hours for a delayed flight amounts to - a cup of preservative laden noodles (no offense meant to the noodle company). Is this the best that Cebu Pacific can provide considering the inconvenience it has caused to a number of its passengers?

There were scores of passengers in the area, the seats were occupied that's why other passengers have opted for the floor. There were babies and toddlers, most of them tired and cranky and all Cebu Pacific could offer is a cup of instant noodles!

Mad crowd
Yes, people were on the floor. Even Euna. On all fours.

Our own flight was delayed for an hour. I had to carry Euna around standing up when she fell asleep. It was already 30 minutes past 8 pm when we started boarding.

And Cebu Pacific's so proud of their on-time performance, allotting a whole page even. You can check it out here. Not even 80% for the month of March which means that more than 20% of the flight has been delayed.

Calling out to Cebu Pacific, if you can't look after your passengers, at the very least, keep the flights on time. Don't keep us waiting. Set a benchmark for your "on-time" performance.

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