Just a quick post. So happy that H finally got it right.

Orchids (dendrobium to be specific) delivered to the office earlier.

I don't know what it is about orchids and me but my father used to grow these back then. I like that they are exotic and local.

H sent me these tulips last V day.
Not to be ungrateful but not what I wanted. I don't think tulips represent me as a person. And I think Holland when I see tulips. I'm proud to be Pinay!

And it wasn't just me who was happy with the orchids. Look at my little girl (who'll be celebrating her 2nd year soon).
happy euna with orchid
She was really curious when I started transferring the orchids from the bouquet to the container. She enjoyed holding her own orchid for a bit.

And a photo for posterity's sake.
yours truly

Thank you Huneeesh! You do surprise me sometimes! :*


To 2024, and beyond! said...

ooyyy.. happy anniv to you guys!! ^__^ mao ng tama boy, malipay imong asawa! hehehe! :) euna is looking so much like you na rye! as in!! we miss you ate euna.. unta diri ka davao magbday! hehe

rye said...

thanks mels :) is she really looking more like me? wonder if that's good or bad. haha! euna might be having her bday in dvo after all. i've left it to ariz to plan. hopefuly, see you guys soon!

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