Momiji: Sulit Japanese Buffet in Singapore

Because my husband and I are such Salmon Sashimi junkies, we were really hankering for a Saisaki type buffet spread in Singapore and were ecstatic when we found one back in May. It's in Northpoint Shopping Center in Yishun. Yay! About 5-10 minutes walk from our place and no need to go to CBD.

assorted salmon sushi
Flamed salmon topped with mentai. Drooling...

lovely salmon sashimi!
These slices of salmon are just b-e-a-u-tiful. I felt like I died and went to Salmon heaven.

The above 2 is enough for me but the buffet spread offers MORE! (Haha! I sound like an ad.) Find out after the jump!

sashimi spread
It's looking all orange. Do you spot the snow crab?

finished snow crab
These were my husband's fave! He finished several platefuls of this!

raw shrimp
Or have some of these raw shrimp which I tried but won't go for again. I'll stick to the cooked ones. They do have Shrimp Tempura which I was not able to take a picture of but it was good. The batter was light and crunchy.

After consuming all the raw seafood I can muster, I just had to have Kaminabe soup with King crab.

table number system
Every table has these clips indicating your table number.

And you clip them on the dishes you want and the crew will cook it and deliver it to your table. Baked scallops above!

As if all the salmon, plus all the snow crab, plus all the scallop was not enough, there's also Wagyu!

wagyu enoki
Wagyu with Enoki mushroom. Soft and juicy. Make sure not to overcook! Yummmm!

wagyu beef
Another Wagyu dish. Sorry, I forgot the name of this one.

Considering alcohol is expensive in Singapore, you gotta love that premium Japanese beer, Sapporo, is thrown in the buffet as well. For one hour, from 6:30 - 7:30 pm, you can have all the beer that you want!

sapporo beer
You'd need to finish one bottle before you can get another bottle (trade your empty bottle). If you're a beer drinker, bawi ka na even with just 3 bottles of beer!

haagen dazs ice cream
All you can eat Haagen Dazs na ini.snub ko lang. Hihi!

My plate of dessert. They have limited choices but at this point, the buffet was so sulit already, it really did not bother me.

dessert: brownie and eclair
 My favorites were the choco brownie, eclairs, strawberries with chocolate, and surprisingly, wafers! They are not included in the picture above because I just discovered them when we were there for the 4th time. They were crunchy and not too sweet. You will find them by the chocolate fountain.

green tea
Unlimited beverages with choices of soda, iced tea, and hot green tea - a great way to end a meal (not to mention good for your digestive system).

momiji rates
Look at those prices! Cannot be beat! So sulit! It's our new (and definitely better than) Saisaki!

Momiji buffet is located at the 3rd floor of Northpoint, Yishun. (Update 18-Nov-2014: The branch at Northpoint has, sadly, already closed).

P.S. I know I sound like an ad. Haha! All meals were personally paid for. I'm just really ecstatic to have found a value-for-money restaurant that satisfies our salmon sashimi cravings with added value which is why I'm sharing it here. :) Let me know how you find it!

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